We are not Uncommon: Reflections on Purpose and Priorities

On June 5th, I had the opportunity to host an online conversation on “Purpose and Priorities” as apart of my June tele-conference series to promote my blog and the Purposeful Professionals community.  It was a great time for encouragement, affirmation, and visioning.   My special guest, Darena Dixon  talked about the importance of starting and ending our day with prayer and simplyfying our technology time so that we aren’t inundated with tons of ezines, newsletters, and promises of free coupons so that we can focus on what matters the most in our lives.  I then shared with the group “what we are experiencing as professional women isn’t uncommon” meaning that women all over the world have similar experiences.  What makes us each unique is how we choose to address our life’s purpose and priorities in all of our life areas and relationships.  Identifying our priorities takes time and it isn’t something that we need to be lazy about.  Be intentional and focus on what will allow you to fully serve your work community and family.  Below are five additonal tips shared during the call as we explored our purpose and priorities.

1.  Keep family goals at the top of your list:  Now that summer is upon us, we have the perfect excuse to create some new memories with our loved ones.  My city hosts ‘staycation” events to encourage families to stay in town over the holiday week-ends and enjoy more of what our city has to offer in the way of entertainment. 

2.  What can you celebrate?  Work projects, tasks, and demands keep us going at full speed. Our colleagues are like extended family. It is easy to take one another for granted .

3.  Teach people who to treat you.  How you treat yourself is the best indication of how others will treat you.  Do you make taking care of yourself a prioritiy (ouch I’m stepping on my own toes).  If we aren’t careful, we will deplete our energy as we attempt to be of service to others….not a  good look !

4.  Don’t limit your dreams. One of the participants was struggling with discovering her life’s purpose.  I encouraged her to begin journaling and asking God about her unique skills and abilities  looking past her current situation to the future. If you feel stuck, you have to explore what is making you feel that way.  I am re-reading “Why Not You?” by Valorie Burton  in the book she charges her readers to combine faith in God with self-confidence to gain “authentic confidence” she goes on to say that God qualifies whom he calls.  “Having a great education and skills isn’t enoungh” we also need God (brillant thanks Valorie)

5.  Simplify.  The beginning of summer is a great time to change your routine, clean out a table, or re-arrange a room. I encouraged my son, who is nine years old, to do some organizing and cleaning in his room.  Because of the visual changes that we made, he is now spending more time in his room relaxing and playing.  When we first moved into our home I taught him to call his desk area ” his office” because I wanted him to value his space and use it to do his homework and store all of his supplies.

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