Mentor on Purpose!


I have been blessed by having many women serve as a metor in my life. I sometimes joke about mega celebrity Oprah Winfrey serving as my “mentor from afar” A colleague of mine was once  challengd by a national leader of his fraternity with the question,  “Who are you Mentoring?”.

Over the past several weeks, mentoring has been a theme which has been floated about in my workplace and in some of my networking groups.  I learned of a book titled Mentor Life Jesus and on my bookshelf I have three books on mentoring.  While it is common to hear about mentoring, how many of us truly understand it’s purpose and how it can impact our lives.

The dictionary defines a mentor as someone who is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher; someone of influence.  I define a mentor as someone who is a few steps ahead of you in an area of life where you wish to experience success.  Sometimes you will see the word mentor and coach used inter-changedly.  A Coach shares, rolemodels,and sometimes uses the skills of teaching to convey thoughts, ideas, and concepts that will also help you grow in an area of your life.

Here are five reasons for you to embrace mentoring:

1. Mentors aren’t failures:  Often we allow people who have experienced little to no success to speak to our life’s situation.  Connect with people who are experiencing the type of success that you wish to have  personally or professionally. Would you be willing to let someone who hasn’t completed high school to coach you through law school?…food for thought :)

2.  Mentors help you to get in action.  Successful people wake up each day on purpose, organized, and working towards their goals.

3. Mentors help you cast a vision.  Do you have a life plan in place that will guide your goals for the next year, three years, or ten years? Your mentor will challenge you to think about what skills, habits, and actions you need to take to live more intentionally.

4.  Mentors keep it real.  If you aren’t ready to hear the truth..don’t seek out a mentoring or coach.  Life is hard and their are many situations  you will encounter that call for a wise counselor to help you get through them.

5.  Mentors will shine a bright light:  Simon T. Bailey shared that Mentors have an uncanny ability to teach, model and illulminate darkness through their shining light of influence.

Mentoring is  a transformational process and many bible characters served as mentors for others.  Besides Jesus, who else in the bible served as a mentor ? Leave a comment below.




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