Celebrate Where You Are Now

Celebrate Where You Are Now

” I am only me, but I am one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do. I can do and by the grace of God I will.”–E.E. Hale 

At my workplace, and workplaces across the world, there are many opportunites to serve in a leadership role. Whether coordinating a retirement celebration or launching a new initiative, we have an opportunity to use our skills, talents, and creativity to enhance our work environments and directly benefit our employer.

So why is it that we hesitate to lead? What stops us? What are we afraid of?  As a purposeful professional, leadership should be viewed as a source of personal power  and an avenue for you to use your strengths to serve yourorganization.

As you reflect and review your leadership experiences, let’s celebrate where you are now.  You may not  think that you’ve made a difference and possibly you’ve taken some risks that have backfired, but what did you learn from your mistakes.  Don’t take yourself out of the game. Keep playing.  Your voice is needed.  Holding back out of fear, on any level doesn’t allow your “light to shine”.

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